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Author: Alina

Chess is everything: art, science and sport.
Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make people happy.
Doesn’t it?

If you ask me, a chess player, my immediate answer will be: that goes without saying!

Chess is everything – art: haven’t you, chess player, ever experienced the thrills of a fabulous tactic, which blew your friends’ minds with its beauty? Or the intense feeling of “superiority” when you defeated your opponent with highly accurate endgame technique?
A chess masterpiece has the power to drag the audience into its depths, its beauty and harmony, just like a painting by Monet (or Dali if you prefer), a symphony by Mozart or a sculpture with Michelangelo’s signature on it.
An early round today in the Tata Steel tournament, the last one as well, and the winners were already known – wouldn’t you expect a rather “peaceful” day? Not in Wijk aan Zee! And not this year :) There were many decisive games but the sensation of the day was Van Wely’s win over Aronian, the only game which went wrong for the latter. Despite this less fortunate round, the Armenian GM enriched his panoply with his fourth tournament victory in Wijk aan Zee!
The Tata Steel Chess keeps on surprising us with its special guests! After the famous Dutch singer Nick Schilder from Nick & Simon, the chess world was delighted to see one of the most prominent figures in the whole chess history at Tata: Garry Kasparov!
Garry’s presence proved to be highly inspiring for the leaders of both groups, who increased their advantage in the standings and assured their overall tournament win: congratulations to Levon Aronian and Ivan Saric!

And yet, the living legend’s visit stimulated players with a less fortunate tournament fate as well. Gelfand, Naiditsch and Goudriaan scored their first wins at Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2014. A round with a lot of bloodshed.
Alexander the Great!
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