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2014-10-15 | Don’t Mourn the Passing of the New York Times Chess Column

Author: Matt Gaffney/

2013-11-09 | All and nothing

Author: Lennart Ootes

2013-11-09 | Vishy Anand faces tough battle with Magnus Carlsen to keep world title

Author: Website The Guardian

2013-10-10 | Moiseeko, Short lead strong field at IOCC 2013

Information about a chess tournament
Author: Musthofid, The Jakarta Post

2013-08-21 | A recce before the war in 'black' & 'white'

Article in The Economic Times
Author: Website The Economic Times

2013-07-20 | More Proof of a Revival After a Victory in Moscow

News about chess in the New York Times
Author: News About Chess

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